Buenos Aires


It’s been five years since I spent memorable 3 months in the beautiful city of Buenos Aires. When I was young, I remember listening to a song by a Polish singer called “Buenos Aires.” I always thought that Argentina was at the end of the world and that I can only dream of traveling there. But dreams do come true if we only put our mind to it. As I was graduating from University, I decided to find an internship in a Spanish speaking country to gain international working experience and “mejorar mi Espanol”. Living in the U.S. made it so much easier to travel to South America, so it wasn’t a hard decision to check out the city called “Paris of South America.”

Every day after work I would walk around with a travel guide in my hand and explore the city, get lost and find hidden gems away from main streets. Over the past years I was asked multiple times about BsAs recommendations. I compiled a list of things I’ve done, places I’ve visited, restaurants I ate, and more. Since it’s been a few years, I updated my recommendations based on conversations with a friend who lives there, and a friend who recently visited.

Hope you find it helpful!

Buenos Aires has 5 main areas that you need to visit: Palermo, Recoleta, Plaza San Martin & Retiro, Plaza de Mayo and Microcentro, San Telmo & La Boca.
Lively streets of Palermo
Palermo – Neighborhood of neighborhoods
  • Botanic Garden – one of my favorite places!
  • MALBA (latinamerican art museum) – worth checking out
  • Restaurant: I loved Las Cholas , it’s in a lively area with bars and other restaurants so you can hop around.
Cementario de la Recoleta
Recoleta – My favorite neighborhood (I recommend staying here)
  • Explore the neighborhood by walking around
  • Cementerio de la Recoleta is a MUST go
  • There is a huge lawn by the Cemetery where people hang out; also known for cultural events and a flea market on the weekends
182717_10150100255417243_383355_n (1).jpg
Plaza Mayor – view from Casa Rosada

Plaza de Mayo and Micrcentro – The city center

  • Casa Rosada, as in Argentine White House, is open to the public on weekends (free)
  • Option: take a hop on hop off bus if you’re limited on time; the bus starts on Avenida de Mayo
  •  Avenida de Julio – the widest street in the world
  • Obelisk – an icon of BsAs located on Avenida de Julio
  • Puerto Madero – the most modern part of BsAs; see Puente de la Mujer designed by the famous Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava; restaurants in this area are overpriced, so I don’t recommend eating there but it might be tempting…you’ll see!


Puente de la Mujer in Puero Madero

San Telmo – Older part of the city

  • Very traditional, tango dancers on the street etc.
  • Sunday market from 10am-4pm – you can find anything you can think of! Starts from Plaza de Mayo
  • Go to El Desnivel, best steak in the world! It’s a hole in the wall but the food is seriously amazing (approved by all my friends whom I sent there)
Caminito in La Boca

La Boca – known for 

  • La Bombonera – Boca Juniors stadium
  • The famous Caminito – colorful artists’ street
  • I don’t recommend eating there – very touristy and not known for good restaurants
  • The poorest area of BsAs – watch out for pickpockets!
Tango in La Boca 

Other useful info:

  • Nightlife –  Terrazas del Este love, love, love that place. It’s a bit outside BsAs but a great vibe.
  • Check out the BsAs Graffiti Tour
  • For free walking tours click HERE
  • If you’re planning to explore other parts of Argentina, I definitely recommend: Iguazu Waterfalls, Wine tours in Mendoza, Patagonia, and Salta
Flea Market in Recoleta